Other questions?

If there is anything else you have a question about, please get in touch. Our customer support team can be reached directly at rentals@hoplitepower.com or (347) 815-3309.

What happens if I exceed the 24 hour rental period?

Don't worry if you can't return your Hoplite immediatley. To make things more convenient, we give you the option to keep your Hoplite for up to six additional days. It costs $1.99 for each additional day you use a Hoplite. If our device is not returned within 7 days of the rental, you will be charged $45, including the initial rental price. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How do I return my Hoplite?

Remember that you can return your Hoplite to any Hoplite Hub in the network! First, make sure to touch the screen and press the "Return" button. Next, find the blue RFID sticker located on the back of your Hoplite, and hold it up to the designated target on the Hoplite Hub. Then, wait momentarily as the Hub identifies your Hoplite and registers its return with our backend systems. You will know when to continue with the return process as the return slot's LEDs will start to begin to flash when ready. Finally, insert the Hoplite into the return slot and you're done!

What if my Hoplite isn't scanning and I can't return it?

Let's try to troubleshoot this. First, make sure to touch the screen and press the "Return" button. Next, find the blue RFID sticker located on the back of your Hoplite; you should see an ID number and "Tap Me To Hub" on the sticker. Ensure that you scan this part of the Hoplite charger as it will not work otherwise. Finally, hold your Hoplite up to the designated target on the Hoplite Hub, and you should be scanning in no time. If this does not work, you can deposit the Hoplite anyway and one of our technicians will manually confirm the return within a few days.

How much does it cost to rent a Hoplite?

We believe in a simple and straightforward pricing model. Rentals start at just $2.99, and can range as high as $4.99 depending on the specific Hub location. Each rental is good for up to 24 hours, meaning that you can use a Hoplite for 30 minutes or for 23 hours, and still pay the same price.

Which devices can be charged with a Hoplite?

Our Hoplite chargers are compatible with most Apple and Android devices, including both smartphones and tablets. Each Hoplite has two integrated charging cables for your convenience: one Lightning and one MicroUSB. Currently, we do not support devices that use USB-C for charging, but will be introducing a new USB-C compatible Hoplite soon!

I did not receive my Hoplite after I paid for the rental. What happens next?

Oh no! That's not what we like to hear, but we have you covered. Our Hoplite Hubs are intelligent and will automatically issue you a refund if your Hoplite failed to vend after succesfully paying with your card. If you are still concerned about being charged for the Hoplite rental, want more information, or require a receipt, please contact our customer support team at rentals@hoplitepower.com or (347) 815-3309, and we will be happy to help.

What payment methods does Hoplite Power accept?

Our Hubs accept all major credit and debit cards including Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. You can also use your favorite digital wallet like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay!

Can I use my phone while charging with Hoplite?

Of course you can use your phone while charging! That's the whole point of Hoplite Power, and it's the reason why our Hoplites are so thin and compact. We want you to be able to get the power you need without having to change your phone-usage habits.

How do I turn on the Hoplite charger?

There is a small power button on the top edge of the Hoplite that will activate the charger. You should see four LED indicators light up upon powering your Hoplite. Press the button, select your cable, plug it in, and start charging. Don't worry about pressing the button again to power off, as our Hoplites will automatically turn off after a few seconds.

How much power will my phone receive and how fast?

The answer is "it depends," and is based on your device type and how you plan to use your device during charging. As a benchmark, it takes roughly 90 minutes to fully charge and provide 1.5x charge capacity to an iPhone 7. Keep in mind that if you use your phone while charging, your phone will prioritize using the Hoplite for power, which will help to preserve your phone's current battery life, but will also make the recharging process more gradual.

I forgot to return my Hoplite and am not near a Hoplite Hub. What should I do?

Good question. If you forgot to return your Hoplite to one of our Hubs, you can mail your Hoplite back to us directly using the address below. We recommend using a traceable delivery method such as UPS, Fedex, or USPS Certified Mail just in case. Please also send us an email at rentals@hoplitepower.com letting us know you are returning the Hoplite by mail, the Hoplite's unique ID number, and any available tracking information. If you do not inform us in advance, any and all late fees will be calculated based on the mailing date. Hoplite Power, Inc. Attn: Hoplite Returns 29-10 Thomson Ave., NYDesigns C760 Ste., 20 Long Island City, NY 11101


What is the revenue share? How does that work?

You never pay us, we only pay you. Hosting a Hoplite Hub does not cost your business anything. For every Hoplite rental that occurs in your establishment, you receive a portion of the rental fee. This way, the more your customers use our charging service, the more income your business generates. If you are curious to learn more, please contact us directly.

If I get a Hoplite Hub, will my business be highly involved?

No! We take care of charging your customers smartphones so you don’t have to...it's kind of the reason we got into this business in the first place. Our technicians are responsible for servicing our Hubs and keeping our network operational. We do find that Hubs tend to perform exponentially better when your staff encourages your patrons to use the service.

What are Hoplite Power's set-up and installation requirements?

It's simple. All we need to install a Hub in your establishment is easy access to a power outlet (120V/60Hz) and 20" x 20" of accessible wall space. We utilize a standard VESA mounting system to safely attach our Hub to your wall, similar to most flatscreen TV installations. If wall space is unavailable, but you still want to partner with Hoplite, please let us know and we can customize an set-up solution that works for you.

How will customers know we have a Hoplite Hub?

How will they not know! Customers can easily find detailed location maps on both our website and on our interactive Hubs themselves. Additionally, we have swag for in-store promotion, including coasters, coffee sleeves, window clings, and more that we provide at no cost to you. We also actively promote our partners on social media and leverage other cross-promotional strategies. Who doesn't like free advertising?

How will installing a Hub benefit my establishment?

We have a lot to offer our partners from increasing revenue through our revenue share business model to increasing customer loyalty and appreciation by solving their power needs. You can check out all of the benefits we offer on our Partner page, which can be found here.

I am not a partner, but I am interested in becoming one. What's next?

Great idea! We are always looking for new partners and businesses to add to our expanding network. Please contact our partner support team at (347) 815-3309 or send an email to rentals@hoplitepower.com and we will get in touch ASAP!

Is Hoplite's network secure? What about payments?

Very. We take the protection of our customers' data very seriously. Being a PCI-DSS compliant business, we never store any senstive cardholder data on our Hubs or databases, as we have integrated a payment solution incorporating industry-leading point-to-point encryption.

Say I already have a Hub, and something isn't working? What should I do?

Let's be realistic. Electronics don't always function as expected and things sometimes go awry. Usually we are able to tell if there is a problem with one of our Hubs in real-time dispatch a technician to your business immediately. However, if you do notice a malfunction and we have not sent a technician, please shoot us an email at rentals@hoplitepower.com.

Does my business need to provide an internet connection?

Nope. We take care of all of our connectivity needs. Each Hoplite Hub connects via an on-board wireless 4G LTE router, which also features high-speed data connectivity and a built-in firewall for extra security. This way, we will never interfere with or require access to your establishment's ethernet or WiFi network.

Other questions?

If there is anything else you have a question about, please get in touch. Our partner support team can be reached directly at rentals@hoplitepower.com or (347) 815-3309.